Zena’s Hearth-Lighting Poem

We watch the moon rise through the round window: our zen view.
A wall massaged into being by many loving hands
curves away in both directions.
And it is as though it has always been – this place, this space, this home.
Though the labour has been long and hard,
there have always been many moments of serendipity
making it all seem like it was meant to be
every step of the way.
We have brought our vision into being,
we have made this place,
but this place has also made us –
made us strong and capable,
made us patient and flexible,
made us generous and joyous.
The giant orange moon
growing over the trees
makes this monumental project of our lives seem small:
mud stacked up to receive her glow.
And small though it may be,
it has its own heart for the time being:
the heart of a family,
a community,
the glowing heart of home.

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