Willing Workers

There’s nothing like wwoofers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms: http://wwoof.ca) to breathe life into a project. Our first 2011 wwoofers arrived a couple weeks ago, so if I’ve not been writing, it’s because I’ve been working more, cooking more and playing more cards in the evening! Since Antoine and Domitille arrived they’ve finished our styro-foam block wall, built our front steps, helped Dan with the floor and done some framing, as well as cut down a ton of broom and ditch alders, frolicked with the kids, did a zillion loads of dishes and held Joah for extended periods. Sounds good eh? Good for us on many levels: besides all the work, and the fresh energy, the kids get to meet other adults and learn about other cultures and languages. In exchange for all this work, we provide them with delicious, plentiful meals, long coffee breaks and the occasional home-made beer or wine. Hopefully they feel it’s enough!

I don’t think everyone can tolerate their home being open to strangers, but our circumstances are already somewhat unusual, and after 4 years of hosting wwoofers we seem to be doing ok with it. Some wwoofers integrate better than others- it’s simply a lifestyle and personality thing. Not everyone can hack the bucket (or the bath!).

But while our French friends are energizing things around here, Dan has had to go back to work a few days a week. It’s really noticeable to me as even just having him around the work site, or here for lunch makes a big difference with the kids. But our finances required it, and the project he’s working on is interesting: helping build Freya’s house at OUR Ecovillage (http://ourecovillage.org).

Being back at work a few days a week makes the time he is here even more crucial, so there is very little time off for him these days, especially as we prep for Joah’s Birthday  Woodchip Light-Clay Party on the 22nd (see Coming Events).

And so life keeps trucking, the house keeps creeping up, and I think I hear some cards being shuffled…

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