Nettles, snowdrops and rain

I just found our missing camera and no longer have any excuses not to post another blog entry. It’s very long over-due. It seems that the longer it’s been, the harder it is to get it done!
It’s almost spring and many months have passed since our visit from the building inspectors. We now have a septic system installed and they seem to be quite happy with our cooperation there. We upgraded our electrical to code and will have our case come before the CVRD for non-compliance for our buildings. We are hopeful now that we are through the worst of it. The process hasn’t been cheap, but certainly not what it could have been. We were able to install a bell-syphon septic which works on gravity and so were able to avoid a pump. And people were generous to us with their time and energy. Thank-you so much!!
So we’ve been really enjoying winter in the house and life seems to have fallen into a daily rhythm. It requires more driving than I’d like, taking the boys to school most days (we carpool sometimes), but it’s what we get for living so far out a dirt road. Asher is homeschooling and I sometimes wonder if that wouldn’t be better for us as well, but I’m not sure I’m up to having to be mother and teacher to 3 boys. Zylo is thriving in school; he’s obsessed with chess and cards and soccer. Oren is learning a lot in kindergarten but is it sometimes a struggle to get him to go to school. Reports from his teacher are all positive so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what causes his resistance; perhaps he’d rather stay home and play lego with Asher! Asher has made giant leaps with his reading this year and seems to enjoy the homeschooling that Zena and Zane are doing with him. Starting next week I am going to teach dance classes to homeschoolers and am looking forward to that lively energy!
Living in the almost-completed house and being able to relax has given room for more creative endeavors (at least for me and Zena). We continue to play music, each getting more proficient on our instruments. I have been writing songs with near-abandon! Zena and I are involved in another Cowichan Valley Arts Council project, creating a dance piece with the Art House Collective based on “Why I love Canada”. It has been an interesting journey and we love the process of choreographing together. I recently leapt back into acting by participating in the local Vagina Monologues. It’s been a fun and fruitful season.
Daniel, while working in construction full-time, has become involved with Cowichan Natural Builders, an affiliation of local builders involved in promoting natural building in the valley. He is also in the initial phases of creating a building co-op with Colin (his current building mate) and John Lohson. While this is exciting, I know Dan wishes he had more time to be creating more artistic work. It’s difficult when he works so much, and then there’s so much practical stuff to do around the home stead on weekends, not to mention coaching soccer and having family time.
We’ve already had a few wwoofers/helpers this year and they, as usual, have been a joy. We have had a English primary teacher, Tom, who’s been with us for over 5 weeks and has been fantastic with the kids (as well as the jobs!) And now we have two young Quebecois, Gabriel and Olivia, who are keen and hard workers. As always, it’s hard to develop attachments to people only to have them move on. I wouldn’t trade it though, for the enriching experience it is for all of us.
And so spring approaches and the first buds and crocus’s appear. The energy the increased light brings leads to that burst of spring cleaning and organizing, planting and garden prep. One of Tom’s jobs was to finish the deer fencing, and so far so good there. It’s a relief to have real, tall fencing all around our upper 2 acres. Hopefully we’ll get a gate on the driveway finished soon… and then there’s the bathhouse/composting toilet, the exterior plastering on the house, the interior plastering on the Shack and Chalet, the finishing in and outside the house, etc, etc. The “to do” list is always so long!!


Nettles, snowdrops and rain — 1 Comment

  1. Hey guys,

    it is great to be able to follow your steps on the site.
    I still miss being with you and on the farm
    Keep updating us!


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