A quick note on Blogging

As I got into the bath this evening, I realized I must do a quick post about some of my observations/reservations about blogging…

Firstly, there’s the issue of selectivity. I feel very aware of how in control a blogger is of how much information and what kind of information goes out to the reader. It seems…. somehow dishonest. There is so much more happening than is made apparent. But short of a webcam that films us 24/7 (which is, of course, crazy) I don’t see anyway around the issue of selectivity. I am going to try my best not to overly-romanticize us (hard, I know!).

Then there’s the issue of all the time I spend conceptualizing my next entry, writing it, taking and posting photos. Not that I spend a ton of time editing (usually not more than self-editing as I write and then checking over after for grammar). But regardless, that’s a fair amount of time spent at the computer which is kind of ironic for a homesteader type like me. Less time for kids, crafts, music, talk, building and gardening etc.

And then I fear that all of this is making me more self-obsessed than I already am. Not that I think I’m more self-obsessed than the next guy, but when you live with Zena and Daniel, it’s easy to seem quite neurotic. Dan especially. While I am dwelling on the wording of my last email, or planning the housewarming party in 6 months, he is usually quite completely in the moment. When he writes an email it’s a big deal. And he’s so without ego he makes me look like a theatre major or something (oh, wait….)! I don’t know if any of his Zen-ness has rubbed off on me, but I keep hanging out hoping it will one of these days.

Zena said she might post an entry one of these days which I think is great- partly because of the whole “broader view” thing, and partly so that I’m not the only one glued to the computer writing about “us”.  I like the idea of her voice added to mine; after all she is as integral to Twisted Vine as I, perhaps more.  She admitted though that she might be too much of a perfectionist to actually post anything (quite unlike me as you can see). I promised her I would post her drafts for her, therefore taking any responsibility away. So take note dear readers.

Anyways, all this will not keep me from writing, but I will try to keep it within reason (whatever that is!) I will NOT take any more time tonight to post any photos. Well, ok just two.


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