Hope Springs Eternal

Funny how one day  I can be singing songs about how much I love it here, and the next walking around grumbling about how much there is to do and what a mess it is. Maybe it’s the receding snow: it is uncovering slushy mud, broken plastic toys, windfall, old piles of leaves and garden trimmings neglected to be taken to the compost, and then of course piles of junk destined for the dump, or the new house, or storage facilities we don’t have. It’s depressing. There’s not even a shred of real green to liven up or compensate for the misery.

After surveying the scene, I wandered around with Joah strapped to my back, looking for one of our three wheelbarrows so that I could at least make a start on some spring cleaning. After a grumbly half an hour, I finally found one (elusive!), and Zena and I made a good start on tidying. Getting a small amount of concrete work done was satisfying and I was also cheered by the sun sending down some sleepy afternoon rays.

It wasn’t just the receding snow that drew me out to do a little clean-up, but the prospective of new neighbours coming by to meet us. Luring like-minded folks out to our neck of the woods is a serious job, and I wanted to make a good impression, especially when I heard that they wanted to build their own house and grow their own food. We’re so remote that it’s nice to be able to socialize without having to drive 10+ kms.  Our closest friends out here have recently sold their property and now there’s no one immediately close by that we visit regularly.

There’s also the scary prospect of having neighbours that clear-cut, like one of ours did recently. The new owners of an adjoining property cut the trees down right to the property line, much to our astonishment and horror. The soundtrack of the past year was to the tune of chainsaws and excavators.  And there’s not much we could about it; it’s their land, and we try to remain on good terms with all our neighbours, figuring it’s an investment well worth it.

But new neighbour prospects are always interesting and we’ve got our fingers crossed for the couple we met today. Let’s just hope this place enticed them and didn’t scare them away!

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