Drum roll please…..

Well, folks, the glorious day we’ve been anticipating for 6 long years has arrived…. WE ARE IN!!!!! There were no fireworks or anything but the glow in my heart to be sleeping, eating AND cooking in our comparatively huge and warm home is bright indeed. I suppose the first real “ahhhhh!” moment was the first morning that we didn’t have to get bundled up to go into the cold and moldy kitchen to make breakfast. Traipsing downstairs in our pajamas feels like such a luxury!

It’s a strange thing though: while we are obviously pleased, it’s also somewhat anti-climactic. It was such a gradual transition in a way (and of course we’re still transitioning) and there is no let-up in the work to be done. We still have no hot water (though this just in: we might have hot water by the time you are reading this!), no bathroom sink and no bathtub set up, but there is running water in the kitchen sink at least, as well as our nice new-to-us range and fridge. The past week has seen us continuing to build the shelves and upper cabinets in the kitchen, and Dan has now started on the hot water hook-up, a monumental job as it turns out. I guess if we had held off moving in until we were COMPLETELY finished then it would have been a bit more “special”…but I doubt Zena and I would have lived to that day!

Every day since our official move-over I stand in the kitchen, or sit in our cozy living room and marvel: did we really design and build this whole house? It’s such a wonder to be able to sit at a table with a pencil and graph paper and then turn those sketches into a living, breathing home. I give all of the building credit to Dan who somehow has become a skilled framer, natural builder, finish carpenter, plumber, and electrician. He has worked sooo many hours to turn my and Zena’s plans into 3 dimensions, into a warm, dry, operational and beautiful building.

Speaking of fresh starts, I am turning over a new leaf in my parenting approach. More specifically,  I am turning over the last few pages of Honey, I Wrecked the Kids by Alyson Schafer. I’m finding it to really ring true for me and the few techniques I have started to employ seem to be making a difference. Zena and Dan are getting on board with it too and one of the main things we have started to implement is a weekly family meeting where we discuss rules, guidelines, problems, etc. with the kids full input. This seems to be something they appreciate (except perhaps Oren, who has found it a little tricky to sit through) and we’ve been able to clarify and establish boundaries and expectations.

I think collectively the adults in our household have previously taken an authoritative tone, which together with our general lack of consistency, has created some problems. But we’re out to change all that! And I am hopeful and excited about the new relationships we are going to have with our wondrous, growing, unique children. Happy house, happy household….what more could anyone want? (Oh, did I mention I found time to write a song this week???)


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  1. Wow! I was just thinking of you guys the other days and wondering how far along you have gotten, and then wow! Beautiful photos of a new house for me to see. It looks great! I know how you feel about the long transitional move-in feeling anti-climactic. Still amazing. Now for cleaning out the old shack….(or trailer)…

    • Yes, that’s what we did all day today- lit a fire, rolled up our sleeves and tackled the very scary old kitchen. Moving everything up here made us realize we still have A LOT of shelves & storage spaces to create!! I browsed through your blog the other day too… love reading about your building process. Parallel lives in so many ways!

  2. congratulations! this is so exciting and the house is beautiful!
    i am so impressed with all your hard work and i hope to be able to see it in person before too long.
    is than an indoor bucket i spy?

    lots of love, maura

  3. yipieyipieyeyipieyei!!! Congratulations! Looks beautiful and way more habitable than it looked when I was there! You’ve done a good job and a great effort! Would love to see this piece of art again!
    hugs, Martina

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