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  1. Love the blog and site.. would like to find myself there one day soon to sip some tea and sing.. Love Cari

  2. Hi, lovely chatting with you this morning and thanks for putting me on your mailing list. Shame about the Bills but exciting about your CD launch. We’ll see you at the Hub! Cheers, Suzanne

  3. I heard you and the Wild Sundays play at the Victoria Folk Music Society Open Stage night at the Norway House in February…..your performance was great, and I’m SO happy that I bought your CD Updraft. I’m loving it, your songwriting and singing are great. Can’t wait til the new CD is out…I’m on your email list, so hope to hear about it that way. Come up to Smithers sometime!!! Marc will tell you how much we love music up here! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful voice.

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