Brave Boys

Tonight Oren decided to sleep outside. Nevermind that it is March and still prone to frosts, nevermind that he is 3 and a half, he did NOT want to be separated from the new-to-him light saber that we designated an Outside Toy today. He is wearing two sleepers and has a blanket and is curled up on the threshold of the Shack. I am not encouraging it exactly, but letting him go through the motions until he decides his bed is much more comfortable. 

I don’t know if it’s the fact that we live outside so much of the time, but our boys are quite fearless when it come to dark and night. Zylo won’t hesitate to take a flashlight and make his way 100 feet or so into the woods to poop by himself. I can barely do that! We teach them about cougar and bear safety, but they have yet to have any real reason to be afraid of the dark or the woods. Remarkably, media does not seem to have worked on them…yet. Even if they did not watch any TV (and they do see some occasionally), there are plenty of books that perpetuate the “monster-under-the-bed” or “fear of the dark” myth. But it seems no association is drawn between that “reality” and theirs. And that’s fine with me.

But it’s been a remarkably long time since Oren ventured out, perhaps 15 minutes or more.    Ah, it just started raining……and sure enough, Oren has decided to abandon the light saber for tonight. He opts for his own cozy bed, in our little wood-stove warmed shack, and dreams of bear-back battles in the stars.

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