Coming up to 9 years

So it’s December and already it’s freezing and there’s snow on the ground. Very pretty though to look out and see the icicles and frosted tree branches.

This fall has been it’s usual busy routine, shuttling kids to and from school, music rehearsals, soccer, etc. Zena has been working a lot and Daniel and Francois have been working on Hornby Island doing renovations on Marc and Deirdre’s house. The girls are holding down the fort and keeping the home fires burning. The garden is put to bed now, and we planted more garlic this year than ever, in the lower garden which has been out of commission for several years. It took some work to bring it back into operation- cutting down the brush, rototilling and amending. We had some wwoofers, Kevin and Leonore- this fall who helped get everything done. We also had a busy time putting up the harvest- mostly canning and dehydrating. Now we hunker down for the winter, turning inwards, cooking, playing games, making music….

I am thrilled to say that I now have a music video! Early in September, my friend David encouraged me to make a music video, hot on the heels of releasing the CD, and I had thought about “Farmer ain’t in the Dell” as a good contender for that.
I quickly launched an Indigogo campaign and raised the full amount in the first day!! It was amazing and humbling to feel that much support so fast! I hired local city councillor and videographer Michelle Staples and together we created a fun, varied video that carries the great message of “Farmer aint in the Dell”. I am grateful to all the great folks who participated in the video, as actors and for the locations. Check it out here- (full credits are on Youtube).

And on top of that, I’ve been performing a lot with the Wild Sundays, which continues to be super-fun as we get tighter and learn up new material too.
Visit our website for more:

Zylo turned 10 this week, and it seems crazy that it is nearly a decade since we moved onto this land. So much has happened, so many changes occurred and yet it feels like yesterday that little toddling Zylo would help us pull broom on the mountain side in the rain.

Last night we celebrated American thanksgiving with our extended family. Truly, we feel blessed to have all we do, each other, our health (despite the stomach flu that descended this weekend!!), and this land that gives us the gifts of food, peace, nature, creativity and joy.
Happy Holidays to everyone!




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